Why Mexico and not China?

Mexico is an enormous trading partner and resource to the US. The costs of doing business in China and/or Asia continues rise with increasing labor costs, disappearing Chinese government subsidies on material and power, no more VAT rebates and skyrocketing freight costs from the rising costs of oil. Our border location provides a significant logistic advantage for high labor content manufacturing.

Why Shelter Operation?

We work with our clients to create the most efficient environment for manufacturing in Mexico without a need for the client to create a new foreign entity. Utilizing SPC existing Mexican presence and maquiladora framework, we can offer a very efficient start up and longer term support services that in the end will reduce labor costs and allow you the client, to focus on growing your business.

Our shelter programs are fair and easy to understand. SPC is very hands on all aspects of manufacturing with US and Mexican bilingual staff. We're conveniently located such that distribution east or west is very efficient and our clients can travel to our facilities within a 1/2 day from almost anywhere in the US.

What We Do?

We manufacture products that are labor intensive in our facilities and provide value-added solutions that result in a complete package manufacturing and support services in Mexico.
We can reduce your companies' labor costs.
We can start an operation within our existing plant or in a new stand alone facility.
We transfer your existing equipment if required to our plant, set up and manage the operation.
We manage your assembly or pack-out.
We ship finished product to your customers from our US Warehouse.